Head instructor and Artistic Director of Pure Belly Dance

I discovered belly dance in 2000, when I was charmed by a group of saidi belly dancers with sticks. Since I took my first lesson I kept belly dancing deep in my heart and my soul, and it is since then one of the greatest passions in my life.

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I am a professional belly dance artist with international experience teaching and performing in Mexico, Spain, Turkey and the UK (fb-pink-jelly-icon ‘Like’ Patricia Pure Belly Dance on Facebook).  I learnt different belly dance and gypsy dance techniques with renowned belly dancers. I had extensive training with Hossam and Serena Ramzy in the UK, and Najua from Brazil. I also learned from Egyptian superstar Randa Kamel, Lorna of Cairo, Katerina Shereen, American dancers Sadie Marquardt, Jamila Salimpour, Nourhan Sharif, Dalia Carella, and Ultra Gypsy’s dancers Jill and Rose, Sara Farouk Ahmed from Egypt, Egyptian choreographer and composer Yousry Sharif, and Belly Dance Superstars Bozenka, Petite Jamilla, and Rachel Brice. In Mexico, I trained with Amal Halima, Samira Vazquez, Lila Zellet, Rita Millán and tabla percussionist Saul Espinosa. I have also attended contemporary dance classes at Rambert Dance School. I am a devoted student of Iyengar yoga.

I created Pure Belly Dance in 2010, and currently teach in Nottingham and across the East Midlands. I run belly dance events in the region and perform regularly as a soloist and with my students. I have been a resident dancer in Levant Group restaurants in London, and Eviva Taverna in Nottingham. I performed in parties, corporate and private events, night clubs, TV shows, cultural events, festivals, charities, haflas, galleries and outdoor spaces.

As an instructor I have teaching experience in Mexico and the UK since 2003, teaching in gyms, dance schools, hen parties, my own studio and private classes. Currently I provide one-to-one tuition and group belly dance classes in Nottingham.

Previously, in Mexico, I was part of the gypsy dance company Cigani, and guest dancer for gypsy music and dance troupe Egiptanos (2003-2004). I directed and performed BADRA belly dance troupe, working with invited musicians (2005-2006). I was a regular belly dancer for Hookah Lounge (2004-2006). Later on in London, I performed in haflas, cultural festivals, parties, and restaurants (2006-2009). Artistically, I collaborated with artist Bruno Bresani in video dance project “Veil” presented in festivals  at Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona and Manchester.

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