pansaBelly dance will help you to find your essence as a woman. Emotionally, belly dance will highlight your femininity, increase your self esteem, confidence, concentration, sensuality and spirituality. It will help you to explore deeper emotions and express them through dancing, to have a sense of rhythm and rationalise space.

When coming to group classes you will also make new friends and connect with other people sharing a common interest, and  creating special moments with them.

The practice of belly dance also improves your health. Physically, belly dance provides a good cardio-vascular workout. You will loose weight and shape your own body. It helps you to increase your flexibility, coordination and strength. Belly dance corrects your posture, reduces muscular tension, increases an understanding of your own body and stimulates a physical body balance and harmony.

Group belly dance classes available in Nottingham and Ockbrook, Derby!


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